Welcome to the Berkeley Estate Fishing Syndicate (BEFS) website. BEFS fishes some 7 miles of the lower Little Avon River running through the Vale of Berkeley in South Gloucestershire from the Damery Bridge to the meadow in front of Berkeley Castle.


Message from the Chairman

BEFS is a wild fishery and our Members enjoy both coarse and game fishing. The River has a wide variety of fishing areas and is best described as challenging.

We hope the Website is both interesting and informative and that you find the information you require. If not and you have further questions then please contact us. Thank you.

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Our History

BEFS began on 1st April 2002 when our founder members were asked by the then Estate Manager to set out “Rules and Standing Orders” for a fishing syndicate on the lower Little Avon River. The Syndicate has grown and progressed ever since to become the thriving organization it is today.

The Little Avon River is a limestone river rising above Wotton-under-Edge and Inglestone Common and running westward through Charfield, Tortworth and Berkeley, entering into the River Severn close to the old Berkeley Nuclear Power Station site.

BEFS members fish the 7 miles between Damery Bridge to the Hunt Kennels at Berkeley. The section down stream of the Hunt Kennels road bridge to the River Severn is classed as ‘Free Fishing’ and is open to anyone that holds the correct Environment Agency licence.

This is a wild fishery and no stocking has occurred for many years. Our Members enjoy both coarse and game fishing. The nature of the River allows the use of different styles of fishing; although both fly and course fishing styles can be used along all of the river; the top end is more suited to fly fishing and the lower end to course fishing.

The River has a wide variety of fishing areas and is best described as challenging. Reasonable personal mobility is needed to enjoy fishing here.

Within the river there are many species of fish but the main game fish are Grayling and Brown Trout.  The whole of the River is designated a “Grayling Water” by the Environment Agency.

A large variety of coarse fish are present in the river. We also find eels and lampreys throughout the river.

Working with Berkeley Estate

BEFS has a strong relationship with the Berkeley Estate, its Landlord, and the local tenants and farming community.  Regular meetings are held with the Estate where we share information and keep the Estate up to date on the state of the river. 

The Estate Director reports this information to the Board of Trustees. We also have a close working relationship with the Environment Agency, the River Fly Partnership and other organisations.


The membership usually totals about 100: Membership is renewed annually by the payment of a subscription prior to the BEFS Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at the end of March.

A New Members Waiting List is maintained and we are able to offer membership annually in April to those wishing to join us.

If you do wish to be considered for membership then please send us a message through our contact page. the Syndicate makes no commitment to offer membership because an individual is on the Waiting List.

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