River Report April 2019

River Report April 2019
16 April 2019 Roger Patrick
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The weather seems to change its mind on a weekly basis. A rainy week, a warm week then a cold week. It is only April and I can remember snow at Easter but it does look as if the warmer weather is on its way? Don’t quote me on that!
The river appears in good health although it is a little low: the gauge at Damery showed 30 last Friday 12th Apr. We could do with more rain but we will just have to wait and see. Although we have not had recent rain the River is carrying some colour due to certain algae. This will disappear in the near future.
It is enjoyable walking the River at this time of year: the bluebells are in bloom  the wild garlic is all over the place whilst the trees and hedgerows are in bud and new life is shooting out. I have regularly seen several pairs of Kingfishers and Dippers. There are signs of foxes, badgers, deer and other mammals all over the banks.
Fly life is varied but I have had reports of good trout being caught so even if it is a chilly day it’s time to get the rod out and go fishing. When your there, if you do see anything that needs our attention do let us know via the website, Thank you and Tight Lines

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