River Report August 19

River Report August 19
15 August 2019 Roger Patrick
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Last week (Thu 8th Aug) the River was as low as I can remember and the gauge at Damery Bridge read just 18. Not good as the River was showing its bones all along our waters. It is just as well that the Work Party in July had done such a good job rebuilding the weir in John’s Field and the Cascades. Well Done! These “obstacles” help to keep water levels higher upstream than they might be: so the fish have deep pools to survive in. That does of course make fly fishing a little more challenging and a “depth charge nymph” is often needed.

We are also grateful to the Kick Sampling Teams for their monthly activity which shows that the River remains healthy with a wide variety of sub-surface invertebrates on which the fish and others can feed. Have you seen the “Dipper” families working our water?

I may have started this Newscast by saying it was raining as I typed: there is more to come and it will all be welcome. The real difficulty is that with low water levels the temperature of the water can rise to such an extent that it endangers the fish. I never fish when the water temperature is 18 degrees C or more and I do carry a thermometer to check. If you fish when the water is this temperature or more, any fish you catch has only a 10% chance of surviving after the fight it gives because there is so little dissolved oxygen in the water. Some of you will be aware that certain stillwater fisheries are currently closed as their water temperature is too high. If you do see any dead or distressed fish in our waters please let us know where and when by contacting us via the Website ([email protected])  Thank you.

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