River Report August 2017

River Report August 2017
29 October 2017 Roger Patrick
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We wished for more rain and it came, sometimes in buckets, but never as constantly as is needed. The ground was so dry and hard that much of the rain that fell simply ran off the land and coloured the water. Even then it was not enough water to ensure a good flush of the River. In many areas there is a build up of sediment and heavy reed and weed growth which makes fishing difficult if not impossible. It has taken some time for a little water to soak into the ground which can then be slowly and gradually released into the River. Fortunately, local natural springs have been able to maintain a reasonable flow to the River and it remains at the level we might expect in August. Fishing, from all reports and my personal experience, is good and many an enjoyable hour has been spent by several members so it is not all doom and gloom.

The warm and humid weather has seen bank vegetation at it thickest and highest for many a year: we have not cut this back or removed any large nettle beds in an attempt to reduce the spread of the Himalayan Balsam that in certain areas is beginning to take over whole areas of bank.

Please take time when you are by the River to attack the Himalayan Balsam: it is such a pest and if we do not keep pulling it up it will have a serious impact on our fishing and the local flora: Have a go when you’re there!!

We do need your help at our monthly Work Parties: You will note that we now give an explanation of the severity of the work involved: Please remember that there will always be something for you to do when you join the Work Party and it’s good fun.

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