River Report August 2018

River Report August 2018
21 August 2018 Toby Abbott
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The River has been showing her bones for some time and water temperatures have reached their highest level at the Free Section since we started to keep records. The exceptionally warm weather has only just “broken” and we can but hope we have regular periods of prolonged steady rain to soak the ground and fill the underground springs. As might be expected, the prolonged warm weather has reduced the growth of bank side vegetation allowing reasonable access in many areas – we have not cleared the “stinging nettles” as they reduce the growth of Himalayan Balsam. The last Work Party made a great effort to remove the latter in a number of locations – Thank you.

The gauge at Damery Bridge was just on 20 before the present rains – very low but there are no signs of dead or stressed fish as there are many locations with deep pools that allow the fish to survive but this means that if you do fish it is rather challenging to say the least. Do take a thermometer and check the water temperature and if it is near 19 degrees centigrade please DO NOT FISH (See Above).

With the rain and continuing high temperatures we are likely to see an abundance of insect life and thus feeding fish. If that is the case then the fishing will improve. Come and join us for this months Work Party; there is a job for everyone and its good fun.

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