River Report February 2018

River Report February 2018
14 February 2018 Roger Patrick
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It’s in “good knick” – Well, it certainly was when I walk along the banks in the snow and rain last Friday. It looked even better when we did a Kick Test to monitor invertebrate life last Monday. As the steady rains came and went, the River coloured and rose then dropped back clearing as it went. I watched a Member take a grayling from the Middle Mill Pool when the water looked like milky tea and the next day saw a number of grayling and trout moving gently through the flows. The Kick Testing produced excellent results with caddis, olives, mayfly nymphs in good numbers and the ever present gammarus in larger numbers. We even found several “Heps” – please ask if you don’t know what these are – and a number of bull heads. All good news at this time of year. 
We can but hope that we have steady Spring rain and the River prepares for the warmer summer months. I walk the River twice each month and if you would like to get involved in doing the same please contact me via the Website. 

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