River Report January 2018

River Report January 2018
23 January 2018 Roger Patrick
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As the Festive Season arrived so did the rain and rather a lot of it: on 23rd December the Damery Bridge indicator had risen to 68 an increase of 38 from the previous week and by 27th December it exceeded 100. The River therefore had a reasonable flush through cleaning many areas and removing silt thus exposing many gravel beds. All in all a good thing but it does mean there has been some damage with logs and other items washed down stream. Where these are causing a problem we will deal with them through the coming Work Party (See below): come along and help if you can; we can always find a job for anyone who does.
Last week the River level had returned to about 30 and the water was running clear and steady. Many fish could be seen in a number of areas. There is more rain to come and this is needed to fill the underground springs and aquifers that provide a constant supply of water in the warmer summer months keeping the river vibrant.
I have mentioned the fuel oil spill at Heathermead above: fortunately we have not seen signs of distressed or dead fish but any such incident is a cause for concern. If you do find a dead fish please let us know the where you found it, the species, size and any ideas you have about how it died.
Have a look at the monthly Work Party details – they give an explanation of the work involved and there is always be something for you can help with if you join us.
Tight Lines, Yours Roger

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