River Report July 2017

River Report July 2017
29 October 2017 Roger Patrick
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Well, we have had some rain: unfortunately, not enough and often as extremely heavy down pours: the sustained rain that we need has yet to really materialise. The River has therefore had one or two gentle flushes of water which have coloured it quickly for it to then clear almost as quickly. Although the River remains low for this time of year, the fish do not seem to be suffering in any way and nor do the sub-surface insects that they feed on as our River Fly counts attest. Fishing has been good and many have enjoyed their sport: I watched a member fishing the Meadows in front of the Castle one afternoon during a wonderful hatch of mayfly that the trout splashed with real vigour to take and he was certainly catching fish. I have also watched a number of fish, both trout and grayling, languidly taking crippled dry flies from the surface.

There are a number of jobs to do on the River, both large and small, and we will address these through a number of Work Parties.  I must repeat my request that every time you find yourself by the River, please take time to attack the Himalayan Balsam: it is such a pest and will cover our banks if we do not keep pulling it up. It took me less than 10 minutes to pull out 50 Plants by their roots: Have a go when your there!!

So the “Fluff Chuckers” have been having their fun but this week the “Worm Drowners” are back in the game and I can but wish them Tight Lines: I feel sure they will enjoy their season as we all should.

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