River Report July 2018

River Report July 2018
21 August 2018 Toby Abbott
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 I have walked all of our beats in the last few days: the River is certainly showing her bones with the gauge at Damery Bridge on 18 and the water temperature is rising; There is no rain in sight and conditions could become much worse. We are fortunate to have many areas of the river that remain in shade with deep pools but not every fish can have access to these.

A serious point about these continuing high temperatures is the effect it has of fishes recovery time. Please consider the fishes welfare. The critical temperature for fish survival is anything under 23 degrees water temperature anything over that and fish will not recover and die at a later stage upon release. It may be worth considering fishing the beats that we have where temperatures remain cooler, please.

Much of the bank side vegetation, except possibly the nettles, is suffering from a lack of water. One plant that will mature early with the water shortage is the Himalayan Balsam: we have already found plants in flower that could spread their seeds early. Our efforts to reduce the spread of this invasive plan seems to be paying dividends in certain areas – Thank You to everyone who has pulled plants up when by the river. We need to make a major efforts to remove this plant from the area by the A38 Tunnels so please have a look at the Work Party details below.

Enjoy your fishing but please only fish in areas where the water remains cool.

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