River Report June 19

River Report June 19
12 June 2019 Roger Patrick
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Yes, we have had rain – sometimes torrential rain, but only for brief periods and we are in need to steady rain over much longer time frames. The Gauge at Damery Bridge on Friday 7th June was at 22 – low for this time of year. The rain that has fallen has hit hard, dry ground and had little chance to sink into the earth. It runs off, quickly, colouring the water. 
I know it’s supposed to be the Summer but we do need more water. There seems to be very changeable weather on the way so we will just haver to see what happens. My view is to enjoy what you can, when you can.
I’m told by many that the River has fished well recently – I hope many of you enjoyed the Mayfly hatches: what was interesting at such times was that certain fish seemed fixed on Olives – so an Adams, various patterns, worked well. As the Mayfly hatches depart so other fly life will appear on the menu – actually it has never really left so you should be prepared with a mix of dry flies in your box. 
All the plants are now in full leaf, some are in flower, and the banks are a pleasure to walk along – until you hit the “Nettles”. Why do we let them grow – it helps to stop other invasive plants. To deal with Nettles wear the right clothing and be comfortable.
Please see the details of the next Work Party below: it will be fun and there is much that can be done by rebuilding the Weir and Cascades to help hold back water and oxygenate it.

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