River Report June 2018

River Report June 2018
21 August 2018 Toby Abbott
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I walked the River last Friday morning: it is a wonderfully peaceful place. There was evidence that members had been fishing on all beats: I hope they had successful outings? There were signs of deer with young, badger, foxes and a weasel made a very brief dash across our path to the excitement of the dog. A few fish were showing on every beat although there was not a great deal of surface fly life but it was rather early and cool. Our Kick Sampling results indicate that the sub-surface invertebrates are in good number throughout our waters which is good news for both fish and fisherman. I had a few hours fishing one afternoon and fish came to mayfly and olive imitations without hesitation if the fly was in the right place. The nymph, I have been trying a small (16 – 18 Jig Hook) Duracell or Perdigon, also proved useful in certain deeper pools.

The gauge at Damery Bridge shows the River is at the expected height for this time of year and the water temperature is fine considering the warm weather we are having. With the trees in full leaf there are many shaded areas where a fish may be found.

There are no major challenges along the River at this time due to the excellent efforts of the Work Parties. Thank you to everyone who has attended one of these.

We have left the “Nettles” standing to reduce the areas that Himalayan Balsam may grow but this invasive plant is already showing in many locations: if you are by the River please take a little time to pull as many of these plants as you can out of the ground. If we keep at them we may just keep them in manageable areas.

As my walk came to an end a Kingfisher bobbed onto branch close by nodded its head and shot off as if to say “You should be fishing!” so that’s what I’ll do.

Enjoy your fishing but please have a look at the monthly Work Party details – they give an explanation of the work involved and there is always be something for you can help with if you join us.

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