River Report March 2018

River Report March 2018
21 August 2018 Toby Abbott
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Cor Blimey!! It’s cold and it’s gone all white!! We needed good Winter rains to soak into the ground and fill the underground reserves – well, we have certainly had a fair amount of water in one form or another. Walking the River banks in the snow was rather enjoyable, the drab colours of this time of year blanketed in pristine white with animal or bird tracks so easy to find and follow.

As the thaw came so the River rose and coloured. It has remained slightly high as the water slowly enters the main stream but the colour continues to thin out. The Arctic Blast did not cause any damage of interest and our Monitoring Teams results show a normal invertebrate situation for this time of year. With coloured water I have not seen many fish but did notice a small hatch of olives one sunny afternoon and a fish rising to them.

As the snow departed, what became evident was the amount of plastic waste/litter along the River. Many of you will have seen the recent TV Programmes about plastic pollution and it is time we addressed this along our banks so please see the Work Party details below. Once again, can I ask – if you are interested in walking the River or a short stretch of it each month to monitor any challenges we face then please contact me via the Website. It’s fun, good exercise and you certainly get to know the River and its surrounds.

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