River Report May 2017

River Report May 2017
15 May 2017 Roger Patrick
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In the early hours of this morning I was woken by an unusual sound: after days, if not weeks, it was the sound of steady rainfall: we may have had a few showers in recent days but this was the first prolonged rain and it looks as if there is more to come in the near future. Thank goodness – we really do need it!! I walked the River later in the morning and whilst it was gently rising, as the ground is so hard the rainfall had quickly started to runoff the land and colour the water. The River was below its usual level for this time of year but there were no signs of distressed fish: in fact, the trout are now active and I saw several fish taking surface flies. Our Coarse Fishing Members have just under a month to wait until they can enjoy a day with rod in hand.

The bank and woodland plants are nearly in full leaf: we do not intend to cut any nettles this year in an attempt to help suppress the invading Himalayan Balsam. This plant is on the spread so when you go fishing or just for a walk by the river please make an attempt to pull 50 plants out by their roots! If we all do this we will help to reduce this challenge which may take several years to reduce to manageable proportions.

We have our Monthly Work Party next weekend on Sunday 21st May: details are below. As ever, my final request – “When you are out and about near the river, if you do see anything of interest or note then please let the Management Group know (through the Website) so we can take action as necessary.”

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