River Report May 2018

River Report May 2018
21 August 2018 Toby Abbott
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Walking along the river in the early hours of this morning was a real pleasure: we are so fortunate to have such an enjoyable stretch of the Little River Avon to pursue our fishing passion and enjoy all the flora and fauna around and about. The fragrance (pong) of wild garlic was every where and with it’s bright white flowers contrasted against the fading blue of the bells as they herald the arrival of summer, it was a peaceful and pretty stroll.
The gauge at Damery Bridge was at 28 so the river height is fine, it is running clean and clear and many fish were showing. There is an abundance of insect life evident by the hard work of the Dippers and Wagtails as they collect bugs for their young. The Kingfisher was also busy and doing well. The trees are moving steadily to full leaf and the colours are stunning – so many greens!!

Enjoy your fishing but please have a look at the monthly Work Party details – they give an explanation of the work involved and there is always be something for you can help with if you join us.

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