River Report October 2018

River Report October 2018
14 December 2018 Roger Patrick
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It is Thursday 11th October and the River is at its lowest since we started to keep records. The gauge at Damery Bridge is showing 13 and the river flow is in many places just a trickle. Where we have over the year rebuilt weirs in John’s Field and the Cascades we have held back water to ensure the pools in which fish can survive are maintained. Amazingly, we have not seen or had reports of dead or distressed fish; they are however proving hard to find. The last day of the Trout Season was 7th Oct and the Fly Fishers amongst us must now only target the Grayling with flies designed to take these wonderful fish which can be great fun.

As the temperatures cool and Autumn arrives we can but pray for rain, again: there is some on the way, the Weather App tells us, but that may come with storms and strong winds. We can but hope that there is little damage and the River is flushed through – it certainly needs to be. There has already been some damage with 2 trees down in John’s Field – we will deal with one of these and part of the other at the next Work Party but removing the larger tree in total will require professional help. The bank vegetation is also dying back and we can now plan to clear a number of areas of fallen branches, litter and other items that some how find they way into the River. This will allow easier access and reduce any possible pollution.

P.S. Sunday 14th October – 4pm – recent rain has at last reached the River and the gauge at Damery is showing 28 so a rise of 15cm or 6inches and more rain is forecast!! The River is slowly beginning to recover and the flush of fresh, albeit coloured water, is much needed. The flow is reasonably steady, with the water the colour of very strong coffee. 

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