River Report October 2017

River Report October 2017
29 October 2017 Roger Patrick
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Autumn: for some a happy time, for others a difficult time, for many a busy time, for the fish a warning that Winter is coming and it is time to feed up before the pickings become slim. A great time to fish then!

The River has risen slightly with recent rain and is often coloured as the rain is able to run off quickly – it will take time for the ground to soak up and soften but the run-off has not affected fishing greatly. I have met several members who have been enjoying their day chasing fish.

We do need some heavy rain this winter to help flush the River through especially where silting has occurred due to the low water flow. We can but wait and see. Our last Work Party spent some time “cleaning the reads” so that the gravel is relatively silt free in certain areas ready for the trout to spawn.

When you are fishing and see something that needs our attention please let us know through the website: Don’t think someone else has reported it so why should I bother: Report it!!

I look forward to seeing members on the River and at our next Work Party

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