River Report September 2017

River Report September 2017
29 October 2017 Roger Patrick
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It has been raining, quite a lot, but as ever, not a much as we need: the annual rainfall in our area is 20% less than last year and the August rainfall this year is 27% less than last year – the River has somehow maintained a reasonable, if slow, flow and we fortunately have not seen any distressed or dead fish during the warm weather. The lack of rain, creating low water levels and reduced flow rates, has seen silting in many areas: we can but hope that heavy winter rains come and flush the river through. The silting is a cause for concern, especially where many of our fish breed so this months Work Party is going to give a helping hand to the Redds by flushing them with a high pressure pump. Come along and help – it will be a fun day. We will also be removing a tree from the river.

As the leaves start to fall and the nights grow much cooler so the fish are preparing for winter and often on the feed. Fishing can be really excellent at this time of year. The bank side vegetation will steadily start to die back and access in certain areas will be easier but do take care if you enter the water as there are many deep and dangerous areas. Please keep attacking the Himalayan Balsam – the seed pods of many plants are doing and ready to expel their seeds.

Please have a look at the monthly Work Party details – they give an explanation of the work involved and there is always be something for you can help with if you join us.

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