River Report September 2018

River Report September 2018
12 September 2018 Roger Patrick
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The River continues to show her bones and although water temperatures have dropped very slightly from the highest level in the Free Section the water is still very warm. We certainly need more steady and prolonged rainfall: it seems unlikely for a little while yet but we can but pray it appears. The exceptional summer for those who enjoy the sun has seen the early die back of much of the weed in the river and the spread in certain areas of blanket weed whilst the reed beds have grown in size. This may create a problem if Autumn heavy rains do appear and we will be discussing this with the Environment Agency. 
The gauge at Damery Bridge was below 20 before the recent rains – very low but there are no signs of dead or stressed fish as there are many locations with deep pools that allow the fish to survive but this means that if you do fish it is rather challenging to say the least. As I have said above, do take a thermometer and check the water temperature and if it is near 19 degrees centigrade please DO NOT FISH.
Will look forward to seeing you at the next Work Party this month.

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