River Report September 2019

River Report September 2019
16 November 2019 Toby Abbott
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I’ve been for a walk along the River on several occasions lately: we have had no rain of any real measure and the River remains very low just managing to reach 18 on the Damery Bridge Scale. What is notable is that the level has remained constant for some time: I would suggest this is in part due to the rebuilding of the weir in John’s Field and the fact that underground water was in some little way replenished during the heavier rains earlier in the Summer.

I often say that the River was showing its bones all along our waters. If you do go fishing in the near future you will understand just what I mean. What is of concern is that the weather is forecast to be warm for the next 10 days reaching 20 degrees C each day although it will be cool at night. This may have an impact on water temperature? If the water does warm up markedly then the level of dissolved oxygen reduces markedly and this can be disastrous for the fish. If you do see any fish in distress then please report such findings to us via the website. Thank you.

You may be aware that a number of Stillwater Fisheries are currently closed as their waters are too warm. many of these not plan to open until mid-October by which time we should have had some rain and the temperatures will have dropped.

Winter is coming so time to head to the river, Tight Lines

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